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Empower Kids Through Chores

Want to raise hard-working and independent kids that turn into responsible and successful adults? It all starts with giving them a purpose and voice within your family unit. Children need to feel like a valued, respected and appreciated part of their family. What better way than empowering them through chores (not to mention how much you’ll love all the help)!

There are SO many ways you can incorporate chores with your kids! You have to do what works best for you…every family dynamic is different. But what remains constant is kids benefit from chores. They develop a good work ethic and feel more loved when they contribute to the greater good of the family through pitching in and helping out. And remember, it’s never too late to start!

Positive Benefits of Chores

Why do for your children, what they can do for themselves? Let’s talk about the positive benefits chores have on kids…

  1. Builds self-esteem, gives them confidence as they improve on a skill.
  2. Makes them feel like a valued part of the family, like they are ‘pulling their weight.’
  3. Creates independent kids that can tackle things on their own.
  4. Teaches values of teamwork when working together yields better results.
  5. Inspires character building., instead of a sense of entitlement.
  6. Introduces perspective, seeing things from someone else’s shoes (Maybe next time those shoes will actually make it to the correct bin).
  7. Frees up everyone’s time, which in turn means more fun for the whole family!
Kids pitching in and picking up garbage around their house.

Now that you know the benefits of chores, the next step is to decide which chore idea is best for you and your family. Here are a couple well-used ideas:

Chore Cards

Write down age appropriate chore tasks on little cards. Make them as colorful and kid-friendly as you see fit, heck they could even have tiny firetrucks on them if it helps excite your child! Put them in some type of bowl or container. Make it a part of your bedtime routine for your child to draw a chore card and complete it. This card then stays out of the bowl. Cards are drawn everyday…the remaining cards are done on the weekend when time allows. All cards get put back into the bowl at the beginning of the week and repeat.

Here are some already made chore card ideas available online:

Chore Cards Household Deck

Creative QT Chore Sticks

Chore Chart

This is simply any type of chart with days and chores listed. Each time your child completes a chore, they get a check mark, sticker or get to move the chore to the completed area. You can design these yourself with your child’s help to cater them to exactly what you need. Or check out these great online options as well:

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

Neatlings Chore System

No matter which chore option you go with, you can always customize how it’s handled. Maybe you decide your child can earn some spending money for doing all their chores for the week, another option would be earning screen time minutes based on the number of chores completed or maybe your end goal is to just make your child feel like a contributor the larger whole of the family. Whatever your end goal, just know your house will be cleaner and there will be more time to spend as a family. Win, win!

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