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Friday Five – Bucket of Blueberries

Join us every other Friday when we share 5 of our favorite tips, hacks, ideas, or must-haves! Check out this week’s five ways to get your blueberry bliss on.

“It happens all the time, they all become blueberries.” – Willy Wonka

You’ve really done it this time haven’t you, you picked too many blueberries! Man, I can relate. Every year, it still amazes me how many actually make it into the bucket! Don’t worry, I got you. From reading a book, to enjoying a cocktail with your girlfriends, these are some sure fire ways to create some lasting memories this blueberry picking season.

Blueberry Picking…

Grab the whole gang and head to your local blueberry farm for an hour of fun, the more hands on deck the better! If you are in the mid-Michigan area, make the drive the check out Hazen’s Blueberry Farm. From the blueberry picking, to the mouthwatering baked goods to Sweet Maria’s homemade blueberry crisp ice cream…it is well worth the drive!

Blueberries for Sal…

Snuggle in, grab a bowl of blueberries and enjoy this classic Caldecott award winner Blueberries for Sal. A favorite bedtime tradition our family has read for years before we head out to the blueberry field. It makes the tradition each summer that more memorable. Don’t worry…if you forget, the kids won’t let you as it will soon become their favorite as well.

Blueberry Cocktails…

After a back deck neighborhood tasting party deciding among a blueberry mojito, a blueberry bourbon smash, and a blueberry vodka cocktail; the results are in. And the winner is…blueberry mojito! If all of these options fail, just go grab a Truly blueberry and acai hard seltzer. That’ll do the trick!

Blueberry Syrup…

Pour this on a stack of pancakes or my personal favorite crepes, and dive in. Just pour 12 ounces of pure maple syrup and about 2 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries into a saucepan. Simmer on medium heat until berries burst. Store leftovers in a sealed container in the fridge. This super simple addition is the blueberry on the top!

Frozen Blueberries…

Still have blueberries left?! Do what any good human would do, share them with your neighbor. Are they not home? Plan B…freeze them! Grab a cookie sheet, layer it with parchment paper, rinse blueberries, spread them evenly, freeze. The next day, pour them into an airtight container of your choice! Pull them out the next time you have a hankering for blueberries, and enjoy!

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