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Friday Five

Friday Five – Family Games

Join us each Friday when we share 5 of our favorite tips, hacks, ideas, or must-haves! Check out our family games in this week’s edition!

When the only option is to be at home…make the best of it through fun, engaging family games. These Friday five favorites will help you get through this unprecedented time of unknown when most of the country is learning to handle our new normal. Family games could be just the ticket!

  1. Board Game…Sorry! It’s only a game, don’t take it personal. A classic board game that you’ll fall in love with right away or leave you wanting redemption.
  2. Card Game…Golf. An old classic card game we used to play up north at the cabin on hot summer nights! And you won’t even need your putter.
  3. Active Game…Sardines! It’s good ole’ fashion hide-n-seek, but backwards! Kids of all ages and even adults can join in the fun on this one.
  4. Family Game…HedBanz. A fast-paced questioning game guaranteed to leave your whole family laughing. Feel free to team up to make it even more of a competition.
  5. Strategy Game…Othello. A strategy game where decision-making skills are of utmost importance and just when you think you are winning – you lose!

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