• Battle Free Bedtime Pillow Fight
    Family Pack,  Kid Approved

    Battle Free Bedtime

    Consistency, consistency, consistency! In order to ensure a battle free bedtime, you must have a predictable sequence of events. If age appropriate, involve your child in making the schedule so they feel ownership and you increase buy-in. Post the schedule on the wall for everyone to see and refer back to when necessary. Be sure the schedule is specific as far as the order you will do things, how many books you will read and even how many hugs/kisses will be given. Sleep associations are incredibly strong. It’s not so much what you do, but how you do it. Let’s make bedtime a battle free zone! Tips & Tricks So…

  • Friday Five Square on Garage Door
    Friday Five

    Friday Five – Blog Survival

    It's not brown paper packages tied up with strings, but here are a few of our favorite things. These Friday five favorites got us through crazy evenings (cue screaming children, barking dogs and endless snacks) and loooong nights of starting our very first blog. Yes, the one you're reading now!

  • 40 Bags in 40 Days
    Home Base,  Organization

    The 40 Bags In 40 Days Challenge

    An easy way to simplify your home! Is the material stuff in your home overwhelming you? Do you find you are spending too much time organizing, shuffling, and searching for the things? Do you binge watch Hoarders just to convince yourself that your home could be worse…or am I the only one who does this? If you are looking for a jumpstart to your decluttering, then check out the 40 Bags In 40 Days Challenge! I first heard about this challenge a few years ago on the White House Black Shutters blog. 40 Bags In 40 Days begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on the Saturday before Easter. It seemed…

  • Woman Taking Care of Herself
    Mom Squad,  Self-Care

    Treat Yo’ Self

    I first heard this phrase on an episode of Parks and Recreation. Donna and Tom had an incredible day of self indulgence and, It. Was. Hilarious. The thought of taking an entire day to treat yo’ self without regards to anyone else’s needs sounded amazing, but completely unrealistic. Here’s the thing…I suck at taking care of myself. But I shouldn’t and neither should you! We just need to figure out how and what that looks like for each of us. We all know that we will be the best mom, wife, friend, employee, and human being if we take time to rest and recharge. Our whole attitude will shift, we…

  • Crayon Crafts Toddler Holding Crayons
    Crafts,  Kid Approved

    5 Crayon Crafts To Add Color To Your Day

    By the time winter begins to wind down our patience, our ideas, and our crafting materials are in short supply. We need to change things up, we need new ideas, and we need color! We have 5 crayon crafts to keep the kiddos entertained and add a little color back to your day until the sun reappears. So grab a cup of coffee, gather the kids and your supplies for some colorful boredom busters! 1. Crayon Etchings This is a simple crayon craft that involves scribbling colors on cardstock then covering the entire piece with black crayon. Finally, grab a popsicle stick or skewer to etch in the black. The…