Spring Lillies Scavenger Hunt
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Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt

5 ways to explore the signs of spring with your family.

Some of my favorite childhood moments were the changing of the seasons. I can remember that feeling when I opened the door to head out to play and every sense was aware that something had changed from the day before. The smell of the fresh spring air, the sound of the birds, the feel of the sun, and the sight of nature awakening. I love to live this feeling again through my own children.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the new season is to take a nature walk. To encourage the kids to slow down and notice all of the new signs of spring we like to have a scavenger hunt. Simply write or print off a list of signs to look for with your family. Here are five different ways to have a scavenger hunt with your family.

1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

See nature from your child’s point of view.

The first idea is a photo scavenger hunt. Take your phone or digital camera out and let your child snap some shots from their point of view. When you get home upload them to a site like Shutterfly and create a mini book of what they’ve found. Your children will love looking at the pictures and retelling the story of their day.

2. Paper Bag Scavenger Hunt

Next, is a paper bag scavenger hunt. Write a short list of items on the bag that are OK to collect and keep. When you come home make a collage displaying the signs of spring. I don’t know any kids that can resist using glue! As many times as I remind them, dot, dot, not a lot there is always a glue puddle, so just embrace the process.

3. I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Another idea is a letter, number, or color themed signs of spring scavenger hunt. We use this idea together with I Spy. Start by giving your child a clue like… I spy something from spring that is yellow. Whoever guesses it first gives the next clue.

4. Mini Scavenger Hunt

Use a magnifying glass to see a whole new world.

Your kids will love a “mini” scavenger hunt. How much fun will your child have when you give them a magnifying glass to find their clues? Focusing on the small details allows them to see the beauty in the little things. They will probably discover signs that you didn’t even realize were there.

5. Bird Scavenger Hunt

The birds returning is a welcome sign of spring.

The last idea is a bird scavenger hunt. In Michigan, one of the first signs that spring is near is seeing a robin. Every year we tape a list of birds with their pictures to our door wall. When one of us sees a new bird we check it off. I also like to keep a pair of binoculars near the list. As a bonus you can play what each of the birds sound like. A great resource is Bird-sounds.net.

I hope you have as much fun looking for signs of spring as we do. Being together and exploring nature will be a memory your children will cherish.

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